12th annual Ride to Work Day

So you can’t get the time off for long excursions? At least you can ride to work, in fact on the third Wednesday in July it is encouraged that you do. This year’s 12th annual Ride to Work Day is July 16th. Dozens of countries from Turkey to England to the Philippines have formally recognized this event – its now worldwide! Ride to Work Day is a unique, positive demonstration of motorcycling’s potential. Commuting on your bike helps relieve urban congestion, creates additional parking spaces, saves energy and benefits participants and society. Of the 90 million US commuters, only 135,000 are on two wheels. Not many when you consider there are 7 million motorcycles across America. If only one in 7 are ridden on Ride to Work Day, everyone in traffic will see about 10 times as many bikes as on any other day. This could change public awareness about riding and demonstrate the positive values of motorcycling.