Getting Legal Help for a Motorcycle Injury

Motorcycle riding is an experience that millions of men and women treasure. Operating or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle can be a thrilling and exciting experience for anyone. Unfortunately, riders are often subjected to many different dangers when other drivers around them are not as careful as they are.

Statistically, injuries and fatalities from motorcycle accidents are on the rise. Blind spots for vehicle drivers are one of the biggest causes of this increase. Many drivers in Florida do not see the motorcyclist in their blind spot when they are making a turn or crossing through an intersection, leading to devastating accidents.

A motorcycle accident is often worse than those who are in a vehicular accident. Injuries from motorcycle accidents often include trauma to the head, brain, neck, spinal cord, shoulders and more. They also often result in death when a driver isn’t paying close enough attention to the road and does not see the motorcyclist. To make the situation worse, many insurance companies will hire lawyers and claims adjusters that will help them get out of paying a fair settlement to the cyclist that was injured.

Why Hiring an Attorney is Crucial

It will only be to the client’s advantage to hire an experienced attorney in order to receive a fair outcome for a motorcycle accident. There are multitudes of ways that working with an attorney in Florida will help during the ongoing case.

Personal Injury Laws in Florida

The bare minimum amount of insurance coverage that Florida law requires is often still too little to cover injuries due to a motorcycle accident. They often barely cover medical costs, medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. An attorney will be able to fight for and receive more than just PIP limits.

Clients Will Receive Fair Compensation

Insurance companies do not have the best interests of their clients at heart. Hiring an attorney that will fight for their client‘s right to fair compensation is extremely important. An accident attorney will be well-versed in injury laws and will have the proper negotiation skills necessary to ensure the highest settlement possible for the case.

Court Representation

Insurance companies will more often than not try to push the victim into settling for an amount that is nowhere near what they are entitled to. Most insurance companies try to settle out of court, but there will be times that it is necessary to go in front of a judge and jury. All clients deserve fair representation from an attorney who can represent them to the best of their ability. An experienced law firm will be able to provide expert facts and reasons why a particular case deserves the compensation they are seeking.

Every Case is Important

A motorcycle injury can leave behind lasting physical and psychological damage, never-ending medical bills, lost wages and even permanent job loss if the victim is unable to work again. Anyone who has been in a bad motorcycle accident deserves as much as possible to pay for any current and future medical bills and to continue living a full life. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, the client can rest assured that the insurance company will not take advantage of their vulnerable state and cut them out of a fair deal.

Why Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer is Crucial

When choosing a lawyer for a motorcycle injury case in Florida, victims will be represented by many professional lawyers who have year’s worth of experience in various personal injury cases. Most lawyers have worked with clients with injuries stemming from car accidents and wrongful deaths, but are vastly experienced in motorcycle accidents.

These lawyers can offer commitment and professionalism. Their teams have dealt with hundreds of motorcycle accident claims, from small to severe. They are committed to giving their clients the absolute best legal service that there is so that the best outcome is reached in the end.

Because of the way the law evolves over time, lawyers must educate themselves on a continuous basis to stay ahead of the changes made. Lawyers who do this will have the best advantage when it comes to the case going to the courtroom. There will not just be lawyers working on the case. A whole team of professionals, from accident re-constructionists, forensic engineers, economists, vocational rehabilitative counselors and more will come together to form the best group for the circumstance. This allows for better negotiations with insurance companies as they are able to more easily prove the claims of the client.

It is important to find a Florida attorney who will give every client one-on-one service and care for their accident claim. With offices located all through Southwest Florida, clients can contact the company anytime to receive information regarding accidents concerning motorcycles or other vehicles. Clients will be given a team that is well-known for having one of the biggest personal injury recovery wins within the state of Florida.

Different Injury Claim Lawsuits

There are a number of different injury lawsuit types concerning motorcycle injury cases. The most common are cases that involve:

•Defective Vehicles
•Wrongful/Accidental Death
•Faulty/improperly Marked or Designed Roads

Calculating Compensation for Damages and Injuries

The biggest advantage of a rendering the services of a legal professional is the fact that they will be able to calculate exactly how much compensation is both fair and expected. There are a few different factors that will come into play when they figure out how much an accident and injury should be worth. These will include physical damages to the vehicle or motorcycle, lost wages if the victim could not work, medical expenses, emotional damages, and any permanent disabilities that occurred because of the accident.

After all of these factors are taken into consideration, the personal injury lawyer will then start the process of figuring out how much compensation is deserved. A term known as “medical special damages” will be added first, which are the medical expenses incurred from the actual injury. “General expenses” will be accounted for next, which will be everything else. These two expenses are put together and then multiplied by either three or five, depending on the severity of the injury. From that number, the amount of income lost will also be added.

Most Frequent Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, driving or riding on a motorcycle can be very dangerous. There are a number of reasons that contribute to these accidents.

Limited Visibility

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is poor visibility on the part of drivers of motor vehicles. Since motor vehicle drivers may have limited visibility in poor weather conditions, an accident can occur if a motorcycle comes into their limited field of vision. If the vehicle is going at a high rate of speed, a severe accident can easily occur.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can play a big part of the high percentage of motorcycle accidents. Slippery, wet roads are the perfect recipe for an accident, as are snowy and icy roads.

Road Work

Another common reason for motorcycle accidents is road work that isn’t properly warned of on the road. Many states in the country don’t regulate the areas that are being worked on, causing cyclists to miss the work coming up ahead. These accidents can result in minor to severe injuries.

Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

Any injury that results from a motorcycle accident can be life changing. They can alter the way a person functions, from simply getting out of bed in the morning to driving a car and to working. Anyone who has been in an accident should always be entitled to receive a fair amount of compensation from the insurance company responsible. The following is a list of the most common injuries that occur from motorcycle accidents:

Head Injury

A head injury can be the most severe out of all the injuries possible. They can result in cracked skulls, brain damage, a decrease in motor abilities, and much more. Neck injuries are also included in the category of head injuries, and these types of issues can lead to paralysis either immediately or later on in life.

Spinal and Leg Injuries

Aside from the head, the other most common type of bodily injury from an accident is the legs and the spine. This is especially true for cyclists who are not wearing safety gear at the time of the collision. The spine, legs, and knees of the driver or passenger can quickly come into violent contact with the pavement or another vehicle, causing broken bones or paralysis.

Road Rash

When the skin of a cyclist comes into direct contact with the pavement, road rash can happen. How severe it is will depend on what the person is wearing at the time. Some road rash may be minor, but the worst kind may cause infections or even nerve damage to the skin.

Take Action Today

No one should go through the consequences of a motorcycle accident alone. The future medical expenses, loss of employment and wages, pain and suffering and more are enough to affect the quality of one’s life. A qualified personal injury attorney can help anyone who has been in an accident get the settlement that they deserve from the insurance company at fault.

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