Lincoln Tunnel accident injures bus passengers, motorcyclist

A traffic accident involving three buses and a motorcycle snarled the Lincoln Tunnel yesterday morning. Dozens of people sustained personal injuries in the grisly accident. The motorcyclist suffered critical injuries after being pinned underneath a bus in the pile-up of vehicles.

A 46-year-old Wayne, New Jersey, resident reportedly was weaving in and out of rush hour traffic in the tunnel on a motorcycle. One of the buses reportedly slammed into the motorcycle in the tunnel. The force of the impact pushed the motorcyclist under a second bus. Emergency responders were able to lift the bus sufficiently to rescue the motorcyclist.

The motorcycle driver was taken to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition for treatment of a broken shoulder and broken femur, according to New York fire officials.

One bus passenger injured her back when the buses collided. She told DNAinfo that she could hear the motorcyclist’s screams after the accident. She says she will not forget the sound of his screams for some time. She was one of 14 bus passengers that required treatment at area hospitals after the wreck.

Bus passengers suffered injuries to their face and head. One of the passengers in the mass transporation accident said people were checking each other out to make sure everyone was okay. Many were bleeding from the noses and mouths after the accident.

The crash occurred in the center tube of the Lincoln Tunnel just before 7:30 a.m. Two NJTransit buses, a Munsey Tourbus and the motorcycle were involved in the four vehicle pile-up, according to the Port authority.



Investigation into Major Crash

So far, the investigators have determined this is what happened; the 45-year-old Lake Charles truck driver was leaving a truck stop in his 18-wheeler and halted in a median crossover. The trailer portion of his rig was sticking out into the eastbound lanes and was struck by the 35-year-old New Iberia man, who was riding a Honda motorcycle. The New Iberia man was ejected from his motorcycle. Even though he was wearing a helmet, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Lake Charles truck driver has been cited for failure to yield. Toxicology samples, which are collected as part of any accident investigation, have been sent to a lab for testing. The results have of that testing have not yet been made public.

This story illustrates just how quickly devastating accidents can happen. At this point, there is no evidence that the 35-year-old New Iberia man was driving too fast or too recklessly, and yet he still wound up being killed. No one ever expects a thing like this to happen, so it can be absolutely devastating when a tragedy like this occurs. In many cases, the families of accident victims choose to work with attorneys and file a wrongful death claim in hopes of obtaining a recovery to assist with funeral expenses, lost wages and the like.

Traffic accidents of any kind are dangerous, but those involving large trucks and motorcycles tend to be the more dangerous than most. That means an accident between a large truck and a motorcycle, such as the one that happened not far from Lake Charles recently, presents a very dangerous situation indeed.

The motorcycle-truck accident happened last Thursday around 1 p.m. on Louisiana Highway 27. A 23-year-old man was traveling south on a motorcycle when he tried to pass a dump truck that, evidently unbeknownst to him, was about to make a turn. As the truck made its turn, it struck the man on the motorcycle.

The motorcyclist was taken to a Lake Charles hospital for treatment. His condition is not known. The driver of the truck was apparently not injured, but was made to undergo toxicology tests by law enforcement authorities. The accident remains under investigation by the Louisiana State Police.

Fault has not been determined in the accident. Witnesses reported the truck driver did have his turn signal on, but had had it on for a long time, suggesting the driver did not realize it was still active. For his part, the motorcyclist had allegedly been weaving in and out of traffic just before the accident.

Everyone – motorcyclists, truck drivers, people in cars – has a responsibility to behave safely on the roads. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, but they are less likely to occur when everyone is observing commonsense safety practices like watching for other drivers and observing the speed limit.





Florida motorcyclist loses leg in car accident

A Florida motorcyclist who was seriously injured in a car accident is still trying to figure out exactly what happened on the day of his accident and is still trying to determine the identity of one of the drivers who caused the serious accident. Tragically, the man from Florida lost his leg during the accident and fortunately is on the road to recovery. The serious motorcycle and multiple car accident is a reminder to all users of the road to be aware of motorcyclists.

This past March, the motorcyclist was traveling down U.S. Highway 1 when the accident occurred. All the motorcyclist can remember from the day of the accident is, “hitting the car and being in a great amount of pain.”

On March 7, as the motorcyclist was riding down the highway, an SUV pulled immediately out in front of him near International Golf Parkway. Another SUV hit the man’s motorcycle and the motorcyclist said a witness saw his body travel one way and his leg travel in the opposite direction.

The driver of the second SUV was identified but the driver of the SUV that initiated the car accident has not been identified by investigators. Investigators also have few details about the driver. The motorcyclist believes the driver was an older man with gray hair who was in a black SUV. At the time of the accident the driver is thought to have been on his cell phone.

Since the time of the accident the intersection of U.S. Highway 1 and International Golf Parkway has been improved with a left-turn signal because of numerous complaints and crashes. The motorcyclist wishes the intersection was improved earlier.



Dade County 4 Vehicle Accident Claims Life of Motorcyclist

Getting into a car accident is a scary experience. For those involved, there is a lot of fear and emotional trauma, not to mention any physical injuries that might be sustained. Any car accident is serious, but the worst kind occurs when there is the loss of a life.

This past Sunday, a fatal accident occurred in Dade County, GA at approximately 5 pm. According to witnesses, there were two separate incidents. The first happened when a car braked suddenly in traffic, causing three cars to crash into each other. Following the initial accident, a couple on a motorcycle collided into the three cars.

While those in the cars were not injured, the couple on the motorcycle was not as fortunate. According to sources, after hitting the other cars both the husband and wife were launched from their motorcycle into the air. The woman was pronounced dead, but the husband was taken to the hospital, suffering serious injuries.

For victims of accidents like this, there are many details to sort out following the accident. There are medical issues. Many accident victims, especially those who suffered extensive physical trauma, have hospital and in-home care bills that need to be paid. This is often accompanied by an inability to work and can disrupt the primary source of financial provision for a family.

In addition, there are other issues involved in accidents. Insurance companies have their own process and requirements for filing claims that often times can take longer than expected.

During that waiting period, the victims of the accident may be dealing with investigations surrounding the cause of the accident. When there are multiple cars involved, determining who was at fault is complicated. Surviving family members and victims of accidents should have someone who can sort out those details for them so they can move forward with their lives.



Motorcyclist Killed in Fatal Accident in Central Georgia

Riding a motorcycle can be fun but also comes with serious risks. Many vehicles on the road are much larger than motorcycles and motorcyclists have to be extra attentive when sharing the road with other cars. A motorcycle accident in central Georgia earlier this week turned fatal after the rider died from accident-related injuries.
A man on his motorcycle was enjoying a ride on the open road when an SUV pulled into the street in front of him. The motorcyclist had little time to react and crashed into the SUV. He hit the vehicle with such force that he flew off his motorcycle into the air and landed in the road. The motorcyclist was then hit by a truck traveling in the same direction he had been going just moments before.
Neither the driver of the SUV nor the truck was injured. However the motorcyclist was taken to the hospital to be treated for serious injuries and subsequently died later that day.
Had the motorcyclist survived, he might have faced a severe head injury, multiple broken bones, and even damage to his spinal cord. Some motorcycle accidents happen because other vehicles on the road are not paying attention and do not see the motorcycle before it’s too late. As a result, more and more riders are getting seriously injured or killed in crashes.
For the friends and family of the victim, they may be entitled to compensation for their loss. However it still will not bring their loved one back. Police are still investigating the surrounding circumstances of this fatal accident.

Would proposed law increase number of Georgia motorcycle crashes?

It’s a given that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. Not because motorcyclists are irresponsible, but because so many other drivers fail to see the bikes and fail to drive safely around motorcyclists.
A proposed Georgia law is currently under debate. It could either improve traffic safety or, as others argue, the proposed legislation could cause more motorcycle accidents throughout the state.
According to CBS Atlanta, State Rep. Ann Purcell is backing House Bill 161. She is an avid motorcyclist herself and sees HB 161 as a way to keep motorcyclists safe and traffic more efficient.
What, exactly does HB 161 propose?
The law sounds strange and inherently dangerous. If passed, HB 161 would make it legal for Georgia motorcyclists to run red lights in certain situations. Some stoplights do not recognize motorcycles when they approach and stop at a light. The traffic signal, therefore, fails to change and holds up traffic.
In those instances, when a biker knows that the light isn’t recognizing their presence, they could proceed through the light – with caution. Basically, the light would be treated as a stop sign, except the motorcyclist would have to wait at least one minute before proceeding.
Supporters of the bill believe the change in law makes sense and would keep motorcyclists safer. Purcell, for example, claims that it is not uncommon for car drivers to purposely bump into motorcyclists when they are stopped at a light for a long period of time.
While the above example is logical support of the bill, it’s important to remember that cars already fail to see motorcyclists as it is. If HB 161 is passed, more liability would be placed on motorcyclists in the case of a crash following the running of a red light. The bill states that motorcycle drivers must yield to cars and would, therefore, immediately be held responsible for any damages.
What do you think about this proposed legislation? Would Georgia roads be made safer? Would motorcyclists be safer, or would they face greater risk of being injured in a crash?

Georgia man killed when motorcycle catches on fire after accident

As summer is approaching, more and more motorcycle enthusiasts are taking to the roads. But with more motorcycles on the road, the possibility of a motorcycle accident increases. In some instances, drivers of other vehicles are not paying attention and don’t see motorcyclists sharing the road with them.

When the driver of a vehicle doesn’t see a motorcycle, a collision can cause serious injuries or even kill the motorcyclist. Motorcycles are typically much smaller than the other vehicles on the road. A fatal motorcycle accident occurred in Hart County, Georgia earlier this month.

Georgia State Patrol had been investigating the crash that killed a man who had been traveling with two other motorcyclists. According to the news report, the man was struck on his motorcycle by a pick-up truck. The driver of the pick-up truck told the Hart County Sheriff that he did not see the man on his motorcycle.

The driver of the pick-up truck was not injured in the crash. However the motorcyclist was trapped under his bike which had caught on fire. He received medical attention from the responders who arrived at the accident scene. Despite their efforts, he died soon after the crash.

For this man’s family, the sudden loss of their loved one probably conjures up feelings of anger, frustration, and grief. Fatal accidents are unexpected and family members are often left wondering if the accident was the result of someone’s negligence. If the results of the investigation reveal that the pick-up driver was negligent behind the wheel, the man’s family may be entitled to compensation for their loss.

Though financial compensation will never bring back their loved one, it can help the family with financial challenges that may arise such as funeral costs, loss of income, and even emotional suffering.



Which intersection has the most motorcycle accidents in Atlanta?

Getting into a crash on a motorcycle can have devastating results for motorcyclists. Motorcycle accidents can not only cause serious damage to the bike itself but can also result in serious injury for the rider. These injuries can include head and back injuries and multiple broken bones.
But surprisingly there are areas in Atlanta that have historically seen more motorcycle accidents than other areas. Several intersections in Fulton and Dekalb have been named “the most dangerous intersections for motorcyclists”. But where is the most dangerous intersection?
According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, motorcyclists should be the most careful at the intersection of 14th Street and Peachtree Street. Though the details of the research are unclear, results show that 39 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents occur there – more than any other intersection in Atlanta.
Statistics also show that motorcyclists are more likely to get into accidents on the weekends in August in the late afternoon. This could be due to a number of things such as weather and number of vehicles on the road at that time.
But one other factor in motorcycle accidents is driver unawareness. Because motorcycles are typically the smallest vehicles sharing the road, drivers of other cars, trucks, and SUVs sometimes do not see the rider in the lane next to them. This unawareness can lead to a collision with the motorcyclist who could suffer serious injury or even death.
When an accident does occur and injuries result, the injured motorcyclist does have the option of seeking compensation. Injuries can mean a lot of medical bills for the accident victim. If the crash was caused by another negligent driver, that negligent driver should be held responsible.

Georgia man killed by drunk driver in motorcycle accident

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, motorcyclists are out on the roads more when the weather is nice. But even though summer is slowly winding down in Georgia, motorcycle enthusiasts are still on the roads, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.
But drivers are not always aware of motorcyclists next to them on the road. This unawareness can result in motorcycle accidents, causing severe injuries and sometimes even death. When a crash is caused by a driver’s negligence, for example if the driver was intoxicated at the time, the aftermath can be devastating.
Just last weekend, a man was killed in Paulding County after the motorcycle he was riding was struck by a car. According to the Georgia State Patrol, the car’s driver failed to see the motorcycle and pulled out in front of the rider. It had been late at night when the collision occurred.
But police believe that the car driver had been drunk at that time. Apparently after the crash police found an open container in the vehicle. It is also likely that officers administered a breath test to check the driver’s blood-alcohol content level.
Though the driver has been charged with a number of crimes, including a DUI charge and vehicular homicide, the family of the man who was killed is still grappling with the loss of their loved one. They are likely questioning whether he would still be alive if the driver had not been intoxicated and was attentively watching the road before making his turn.
Losing a loved one in a motorcycle accident can have a lasting effect. But families of an accident victim can seek compensation by filing a civil claim. This can help with expenses that can arise unexpectedly.

Motorcycle crashes prove fatal on Atlanta highways

At least half a dozen fatalities have occurred as a result of motorcycle crashes in recent months in the metro-Atlanta area. Motorcycle crashes are especially prone to fatalities because of the lack of protection for motorcycle riders, should they be involved in a collision.

Just last week, a man was killed on his motorcycle on northbound I-85 near the I-985 split. A vehicle driving in front of the motorcyclist hit a tire tread, causing the tread to fly into the path of the man’s motorcycle. He hit the tread and lost control of his bike, laying it down. The bike came to rest in the center lane of northbound traffic. An oncoming truck was unable to stop in time or avoid hitting the biker.

One rider died after a multi-vehicle collision. The 31-year-old was riding a Kawasaki Vulcan, a model almost as old as the rider himself. He died Aug. 20 after being struck by two different vehicles on I-75 in Cobb County.

That accident was determined to be caused by a 32-year-old man driving a silver Porsche. The man fled the scene of the accident. Police arrested him and his female passenger two weeks after the accident. They are charged with second-degree vehicular homicide, hit and run, tampering with evidence and several other charges.

It is the responsibility of everyone on the road to look out for other traffic, including motorcycles. Unfortunately, not everyone is so careful and conscientious. Motorcycle riders hit on highways stand a great chance of suffering a fatal accident or a serious injury given the great speed at which both motorcycles and cars travel on those roads.