Dade County 4 Vehicle Accident Claims Life of Motorcyclist

Getting into a car accident is a scary experience. For those involved, there is a lot of fear and emotional trauma, not to mention any physical injuries that might be sustained. Any car accident is serious, but the worst kind occurs when there is the loss of a life.

This past Sunday, a fatal accident occurred in Dade County, GA at approximately 5 pm. According to witnesses, there were two separate incidents. The first happened when a car braked suddenly in traffic, causing three cars to crash into each other. Following the initial accident, a couple on a motorcycle collided into the three cars.

While those in the cars were not injured, the couple on the motorcycle was not as fortunate. According to sources, after hitting the other cars both the husband and wife were launched from their motorcycle into the air. The woman was pronounced dead, but the husband was taken to the hospital, suffering serious injuries.

For victims of accidents like this, there are many details to sort out following the accident. There are medical issues. Many accident victims, especially those who suffered extensive physical trauma, have hospital and in-home care bills that need to be paid. This is often accompanied by an inability to work and can disrupt the primary source of financial provision for a family.

In addition, there are other issues involved in accidents. Insurance companies have their own process and requirements for filing claims that often times can take longer than expected.

During that waiting period, the victims of the accident may be dealing with investigations surrounding the cause of the accident. When there are multiple cars involved, determining who was at fault is complicated. Surviving family members and victims of accidents should have someone who can sort out those details for them so they can move forward with their lives.



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