Delaware man dies after weekend motorcycle crash

We have discussed serious Delaware motorcycle accidents in previous posts. Motorcycle accidents are often deadly for the motorcyclists involved because motorcycles do not provide very much protection from crashes with passenger vehicles.

There are several contributing factors to motorcycle accidents. Sometimes the drivers of passenger vehicles may fail to see a motorcycle because the driver only scans the road for larger vehicles. Other times a motorcyclist may weave through passenger vehicles in high traffic areas and lose control of the motorcycle. Additional traditional contributing factors to car accidents such as lane drift, driver intoxication, inclement weather, and driver negligence are all applicable to motorcycle accidents as well.

A serious motorcycle accident occurred last weekend at the intersection of Route 1 and Wilkins Road in Milford. The crash happened at approximately 5 p.m. last Friday when a woman driving an SUV on eastbound Wilkins Road pulled in front of the motorcycle traveling on southbound Route 1.

The motorcycle hit the SUV’s driver’s side door and the 49-year-old motorcyclist sustained serious injuries. Motorcyclists often die of blunt force trauma after being thrown from their bikes and motorcyclists who survive may suffer from traumatic brain injuries, especially if they do not wear helmets. A preliminary investigation of this weekend’s accident indicates that the motorcyclist was probably not wearing a helmet.

Emergency crews rushed the motorcyclist to Christiana Trauma Center where he was listed in critical condition. The 60-year-old Milford woman driving the SUV was taken to Milford Memorial Hospital, but her injuries were non-life-threatening.

The motorcyclist died almost 20 hours after the crash while receiving treatment at Christiana Trauma Center.

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