Florida motorcyclist loses leg in car accident

A Florida motorcyclist who was seriously injured in a car accident is still trying to figure out exactly what happened on the day of his accident and is still trying to determine the identity of one of the drivers who caused the serious accident. Tragically, the man from Florida lost his leg during the accident and fortunately is on the road to recovery. The serious motorcycle and multiple car accident is a reminder to all users of the road to be aware of motorcyclists.

This past March, the motorcyclist was traveling down U.S. Highway 1 when the accident occurred. All the motorcyclist can remember from the day of the accident is, “hitting the car and being in a great amount of pain.”

On March 7, as the motorcyclist was riding down the highway, an SUV pulled immediately out in front of him near International Golf Parkway. Another SUV hit the man’s motorcycle and the motorcyclist said a witness saw his body travel one way and his leg travel in the opposite direction.

The driver of the second SUV was identified but the driver of the SUV that initiated the car accident has not been identified by investigators. Investigators also have few details about the driver. The motorcyclist believes the driver was an older man with gray hair who was in a black SUV. At the time of the accident the driver is thought to have been on his cell phone.

Since the time of the accident the intersection of U.S. Highway 1 and International Golf Parkway has been improved with a left-turn signal because of numerous complaints and crashes. The motorcyclist wishes the intersection was improved earlier.



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