HogRock River Rally

June 5, 6, 7, 8, 2003

We are looking forward to seeing y’all and to another GREAT party! The following are some changes we have made for this June. One thing we did not change is the WILD and crazy fun that we all have at HogRock.

New for this year are:

1. $30.00 per person (armband)
2. $30.00 per support vehicle (windshield sticker)
3. New entrance area by the river (just on down the road from the old entrance.)
4. We are adding more electrical hookups for RV’s, camper trailers, and motor homes in a new area by the new river entrance. Electrical hookups and water will be $70.00 this year (includes support vehicle charge. These spaces are on a limited basis and must be reserved. (See RV Reservation Form)

5. The BIGGEST change for this year has to due with RV’s, camper trailers, and motor homes that do not have a reservation for electric and water hook up as described in #4 above. Other RV’s, camper trailers, and motor homes that do not have a reservation will have to park in areas within the campground that are designated for these types of vehicles only. This change is necessary due to the amount of space that these larger vehicles need. These new designated areas will be clearly marked and require each vehicle to be parked in an organized manner in marked spots. These RV’s will be charged the $30.00 support vehicle fee. NO RV’s will be allowed in the general tent camping areas.
6. Absolutely no vehicles other than motorcycles, trikes, and assigned staff vehicles will be allowed to drive around the interior roads inside the camping area, unless they are leaving or entering the property.