Lincoln Tunnel accident injures bus passengers, motorcyclist

A traffic accident involving three buses and a motorcycle snarled the Lincoln Tunnel yesterday morning. Dozens of people sustained personal injuries in the grisly accident. The motorcyclist suffered critical injuries after being pinned underneath a bus in the pile-up of vehicles.

A 46-year-old Wayne, New Jersey, resident reportedly was weaving in and out of rush hour traffic in the tunnel on a motorcycle. One of the buses reportedly slammed into the motorcycle in the tunnel. The force of the impact pushed the motorcyclist under a second bus. Emergency responders were able to lift the bus sufficiently to rescue the motorcyclist.

The motorcycle driver was taken to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition for treatment of a broken shoulder and broken femur, according to New York fire officials.

One bus passenger injured her back when the buses collided. She told DNAinfo that she could hear the motorcyclist’s screams after the accident. She says she will not forget the sound of his screams for some time. She was one of 14 bus passengers that required treatment at area hospitals after the wreck.

Bus passengers suffered injuries to their face and head. One of the passengers in the mass transporation accident said people were checking each other out to make sure everyone was okay. Many were bleeding from the noses and mouths after the accident.

The crash occurred in the center tube of the Lincoln Tunnel just before 7:30 a.m. Two NJTransit buses, a Munsey Tourbus and the motorcycle were involved in the four vehicle pile-up, according to the Port authority.



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