RDMC Shanghai

RDMC Shanghai Membership Requirements

(Ride Rules)

  1. A) Must own Motorcycle in Shanghai (500cc+).
  2. B) Valid Chinese driving license for Motorcycles.
  3. C) Proper, valid registration / license for Motorcycle (License-Plates).
  4. D) No booze during Rides!
  5. E) Must fit into this group, (we will explain over a beer or two…”no I know it all types”)


POINTS A > E !!!

YES, each member of our group found a way of doing things regarding his own motorcycle in China, but none of the members is a highly paid consultant for this type of questions.

All the info we can provide is included already in this webpages!

RDMC Shanghai


Just setting the record straight!

Advice regarding Motorcycling in Shanghai

(Drivers License Requirements & Questions below

To drive any vehicle in China, you must obtain a Chinese Driving License.

No foreign or international drivers license are accepted in China.(might change due to WTO in the future).

To obtain a chinese drivers license, you must hold a valid green-card (foreigners resident-permit) and in some cases a work-permit.

Check with the vehicle registration at Da-Bai-Shu for current requirements like translation of your foreign license, test, health check,etc. ,((hear some funny & strange stories about the new requirements & tests like weight-lifting, reaction tests,…….etc.)

Chinese Drivers License will be issued as follows: “C”=Car , “D”=all Motorcycles (two/three wheeler, sidecar), “E”= two wheeled motorcycles only.

Motorbike Ownership / Registration

You need to find company with appropriate quota to register the motorbike (chinese or JV company). check with your local employees, they might know a way.(FYI: companies are usally very reluctant to “borrow” registrations).

There are different stories going around (as always in PRC) but the rules & regulations changed once again since 1st.september 2001 and according to insider sources, no new registrations/license-plates will be issued .

After Beijing, Shanghai, Xian currently became the 57th.city in PRC to ban two-wheeled motorcycles from their downtown areas. only two-wheeled bikes registered in Xian City are allowed to drive in the town area.

Shanghai downtown area starts now at the new airport highway (Hongqiao / Pudong) right behind the Cypress Hotel / Nikko Longbai Hotel. Pudong seems a bit more relaxed regarding biking….,but no guarantee that will remain.

ChangJiang sidecar bikes registered outside Shanghai are banned from Shanghai downtown area as well!!!!!

Always remember, nothing is easy in China!!! We hope to seeya on the road some day in Shanghai, Red Devils MC Shanghai

Driving License Requirements for Foreigners in Shanghai

(translated by a friend, no guarantee given):


We have obtained the official document from the Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau that gives all information required for having a Chinese Driving Licence. The official document is in Chinese so although we have translated it, we would always advise that you contact the Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau using the details listed below should you need exact information relating to your own individual circumstances – we are told that the rules can differ dependent on Countries of Origin.

Welcome people holding foreign (or Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan) driving licences to apply for changing your driving licence to Chinese ones. Please handle the following procedures. Thank you for your cooperation.

  1. A) The Materials Needed For Applying for Driving Licence.
  2. People who hold foreign passport should supply the passport, the script and the copy of Shanghai Resident Permit for foreigners. (You are allowed to apply for Driving Licence if your resident permit is over one year. You are only allowed to apply for temporary Driving Licence if your resident permit is over three months but below one year.)


  1. People from Hong Kong and Macao should supply the “Huixiang” document, the script and the copy of the temporary resident permit issued by Shanghai government. People from Taiwan who have temporary resident permit should supply the script and the copy of passport or travel document for coming to Mainland China.
  2. If there is no Chinese version in your foreign , Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan , and international driving licence, you are supposed to go to authorized “Shanghai Foreign Language University Translation Company” or “Shanghai Foreign Affairs Translator association” to translate the driving licence to Chinese.

B). The Procedures.

  1. Go to take digital pictures with your relevant document. ( on the ground floor of building 6)
  2. Fill the Driving Licence Application Form with fountain pen.
  3. Take the Driving Adapt Test or supply the medical check qualification issued by the hospital over county level.
  4. Take the test about communication regulation and relevant knowledge.
  5. If your driving experience is more than three years, the test driving on road is unnecessary. If BelgiumGovernment issued your driving licence; test is also unnecessary for changing your driving license to type C.D.E.
  6. After finishing preparing for all the documents needed, pay 20 RMB for the commission fee and wait for one week to get your Chinese Driving licence.


  1. The address of Shanghai Foreign Language University Translation Company: 183 Tiyuhui Road West. Address of Shanghai Foreign Affairs Translator Association: 1st floor, Building 2, 13 Kunshan Road Address of Shanghai PSB Immigration Department: 333 Wusong Road
  2. Business Time: Monday. Wednesday.
  3. The Time of the Test of the communication regulation and relevant knowledge: Monday afternoon, 13:30
  4. Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau

That is the complete wording on the form, although this has been translated into English from the Chinese Version. We hope that the information provided gives you an idea of what is involved and we do repeat that it is wise to discuss your own personal circumstances with the Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau.

Contact Details Telephone: 6516 8168 Address: 1101 Zhong Shan Bei Yi Lu