The Big Big Ride

The Big Big Ride is a unique motorcycling event. Unique because you ride it in your own way. You decide your course, your stops, and your total mileage. Awards will be given in this two-day event for total mileage, way-points visited, and pledges/donations raised.

Registration is $15.00 before June 8th and $20 after. All pre-registered participants will receive The Big Big Ride Bandana and will be eligible for door prizes donated by The Big Big Ride sponsors.

Join other motorcycle enthusiasts at the Oktoberfest Grounds, Downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin, June 22 – 23 for The Big Big Ride.


  • Pre-registerhere before June 8th, 2002. Mail your registration form and fee of $15 ($20 for both you and a passenger) to the address on the contact page. Make check payable to “BBBS” or “Big Brothers Big Sisters.” You are not considered registered until your check is received. Registration forms will be available at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Coulee Region office and from various sponsor’s. You may also register at the start of the event for $20 ($25 for you and a passenger).
  • Downloadand print out a pledge sheet. You can also pickup pledge sheets at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Coulee Region office and select sponsors.
  • Hit the road and get some pledges/donations. More points will be awarded for “cash on hand” pledges/donations than for those that must be billed. Click here to download a printable pledge sheet. For every $100 dollars you raise in donations/pledges, you will be given one ticket to place on the door prize of your choice.
  • Do some preliminary route planning using the information provided on theway-pointspage.
  • Read and understand the rules below and check out theriding tipspage.
  • Arrive at theSouth Side Oktoberfest Groundsduring the opening window (7 a.m. – 10 a.m.) with your pledge sheet and any prepaid pledges/donations. Please allow time to register, have your starting mileage recorded, and study the various way-points to plan your route.
  • Begin your ride anytime after 8 a.m.
  • Ride. Ride some more.
  • Return any time between noon and 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 23rd. Riders failing to arrive by 2 p.m. will be penalized a number of points per minute, rounded to the next higher minute, until 3 p.m. when the event’s closing window ends. If you are unable to make this window, your pledges are still valid for points but your mileage and way-points will not be added to your point total.
  • Door prizes will be drawn after 3 p.m on Sunday.
  • Results will be available soon after the closing window passes and awards will be presented.


Rider Equipment
Each rider shall have:
• A valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement
• Current registration for the motorcycle
• Appropriate riding clothing.

Each motorcycle ridden in this event must be equipped with the following items:
• A valid license plate
• An odometer in working order


The rider will act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Any attempt at cheating, even to the degree that the rules are alleged not to be understood, can result in immediate disqualification of the rider.

Entry to The Big Big Ride is acknowledgment to permit video and/or audio recording of the rider’s participation in the event for use in promoting future rides.

Riders will not receive undue assistance during the event. In determining what constitutes “undue assistance,” The Big Big Ride’s committee chairs’ determination shall be final.

Points may be earned in three different ways: 1) total mileage, 2) returning with proof of visiting predetermined way-points, and 3) total pledges received for riding in The Big Big Ride.

Mileage will be recorded during the start window of the event and the closing window of the event from the motorcycle’s odometer.

Sponsor way-points will be published prior to the event. The majority of way-points will not be disclosed until the opening window of the event. Points will be assigned to each location according to the difficulty in reaching it. Some of these locations may contain restrictions as to the day or time of your visit. You may pick up bonuses in any order you want. You decide which locations to visit and in what order.

Riders choosing to visit the way-points must return with acceptable documentation of their visit during the event to earn points. Acceptable documentation shall consist of:
• A dated receipt. Always make sure that the date on each receipt is legible.
• A completed answer to the question on the scoring sheet for that way-point.
•Click here for the way-points page.

Points will be assigned to dollar amounts raised by each participant. A higher point value will be assigned to pledges/donations that were prepaid (cash-on hand) than those that must bill for. Pledges will be totaled at the onset of the event.
• Click here to download a pledge sheet.


Disqualification: The rider may be disqualified for:
• Failing to render aid to an event participant or to the public under emergency or life-threatening conditions.
• Acting in a manner that may tend to bring discredit upon The Big Big Ride or the sponsoring agency.
• Acting in a manner that may endanger the general public, spectators, or event participants.
• Soliciting or receiving unauthorized assistance.
• Cheating on mileage or way-points.
• Any other act of un-sportsmanlike conduct not mentioned above.

• Point-per-minute penalty: A rider who fails to arrive by 2 p.m. will be penalized a number of points per minute until 3 p.m. when the event’s closing window passes.

Safe Long Distance Endurance Riding

First and foremost, this is not a race. There are no benefits to the rider who finishes in the shortest amount of time. Excessive speed is stupid. And stupid hurts. Remember, while riding in this event you are representing motorcycling.

Know your limits and plan your route around them. If the longest ride you have ever taken is 300 miles in a day, don’t plan a 500 mile day. Include large easy-to-cut loops into your trip plan. If you do get behind schedule, this is the easiest way to skip part of your trip without ruining the rest of it.

High speeds and long-distance riding have little in common. Besides the obvious effects on fuel mileage, which means more time wasted looking for gas, and the fatigue caused by riding a 10/10ths pace, riding much beyond the flow of traffic will land you a hefty speeding ticket.

No latitude will be given for bad weather. Rain happens. It’s all a part of our sport. If its raining in the North, and you don’t like getting wet, head South.

Finding way-point locations can be both fun and challenging. We will do our best to direct you to locations but make sure you carry detailed maps. If you get to a way-point only to find that it is unavailable for any reason — moved, closed early, etc. — do your best to obtain a replacement item or information nearby.

Road construction during the summer is inevitable. Please plan accordingly. A detour may just help you discover a great road somewhere and may add mileage points to your total.

Be prepared for anything: way-points in a variety of settings. We have tried to send you to some fun and interesting locations in our area. For example: carry a flashlight for bonuses that you may be required to visit after dark or in conditions without good lighting.

Stop to go Faster. On the surface this tip may not make sense, but the successful long distance rider uses this strategy to his or her advantage. Since each rider is different, no one can predict a comfortable speed average for every rider. What is important is to know what speed your internal riding clock runs by and when your speed falls below that average, take time out and get some serious rest.

Separate gas stops from food stops. After getting gasoline (a mini rest-stop in itself), it takes just as long to suit-up to ride across the street to eat as it does to ride twenty miles down the road and then eat. The result is two mini rest-stops for the price of one.

These comments are nothing more than a recitation of common sense. We have made every effort to ensure accuracy of both the way-points and bonus locations, but things are going to go awry. Where possible, the event will make adjustments as needed.

Many thanks to the Iron Butt Association from which much of this information was gleaned. There is a wealth of information on their Web site on long-distance motorcycle endurance riding. Why not combine miles for one of their awards with one for The Big Big Ride?