West Georgia junior killed in motorcycle crash homecoming weekend

A homecoming game at the University of West Georgia was marred by a tragic motorcycle accident that occurred before the game was to start. A young man was killed after his motorcycle was struck by another car while he was on the road.

Motorcycle accidents can be especially devastating both for the rider and his or her loved ones. Because of the size of motorcycles, damages can be severe after a collision with another vehicle. These types of accidents can leave those involved with life-long injuries or, similarly to this case, can be fatal.

The young man attended the University of West Georgia and was well-loved by those who knew him. He was known for being approachable and friendly and excelled in a number of different sports. He had been studying finance in college.

The accident cut all of his future plans short. According to the Georgia State Patrol, he had been on his motorcycle near the entrance of his school’s football stadium. Without warning, a vehicle attempted to turn left, right in the way of the motorcycle. It is unclear whether the vehicle’s driver simply did not look or had not noticed the motorcycle, but as a result, the two crashed.

The driver of the vehicle is facing a number of criminal charges, including a charge for drunk driving. But the knowledge of these charges likely does little to comfort the young man’s family as they mourn the loss of their loved one.

But when a loved one dies as a result of someone else’s negligence, the victim’s family can file a civil claim for damages. A settlement from this type of claim will not reverse the accident or help the family understand why it occurred. However financial awards can help the victim’s loved ones take care of unexpected costs that can arise after a death, giving the family more capacity to focus on grieving their loss and supporting one another.



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