Which intersection has the most motorcycle accidents in Atlanta?

Getting into a crash on a motorcycle can have devastating results for motorcyclists. Motorcycle accidents can not only cause serious damage to the bike itself but can also result in serious injury for the rider. These injuries can include head and back injuries and multiple broken bones.
But surprisingly there are areas in Atlanta that have historically seen more motorcycle accidents than other areas. Several intersections in Fulton and Dekalb have been named “the most dangerous intersections for motorcyclists”. But where is the most dangerous intersection?
According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, motorcyclists should be the most careful at the intersection of 14th Street and Peachtree Street. Though the details of the research are unclear, results show that 39 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents occur there – more than any other intersection in Atlanta.
Statistics also show that motorcyclists are more likely to get into accidents on the weekends in August in the late afternoon. This could be due to a number of things such as weather and number of vehicles on the road at that time.
But one other factor in motorcycle accidents is driver unawareness. Because motorcycles are typically the smallest vehicles sharing the road, drivers of other cars, trucks, and SUVs sometimes do not see the rider in the lane next to them. This unawareness can lead to a collision with the motorcyclist who could suffer serious injury or even death.
When an accident does occur and injuries result, the injured motorcyclist does have the option of seeking compensation. Injuries can mean a lot of medical bills for the accident victim. If the crash was caused by another negligent driver, that negligent driver should be held responsible.

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