World Tour Challenge

Coming from England, Simon and Monika Newbound included the Blue Goose as one of their stops on their World Tour Challenge. After 24 years in the Royal Navy Submarine Service, Simon retired with a dream to travel the world. Opting for two wheels rather than a leisurely stroll in a big, fancy motor home, he didn’t leave his wife at home. Of course, she would have to learn to ride first. Monika took the test and a month later they were off to see 106 countries on seven continents and break two Guinness World Records. They have already traveled through the U.K., Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Asia, coast-to-coast America and Cuba – a distance of over 30,450 miles. They are now over half way towards the endurance world record and a third of the way for the countries world record. By 2006, they should have the journey accomplished. BG Rider Lee Nolan has run into them in his cross-country treks before the couple arrived in Dallas this time around. All a soul really needs is a continuous expanse of land and a hint of a wandering spirit to put a dream in motion. Seven continents in one journey is indeed the world’s greatest adventure. Sponsored in part by BMW, next they head to Squaw Valley for the 80th anniversary party with demo rides of all BMW Motorrad models; The Mobile Tradition and Vintage Motorcycle Exhibition with 25 unique models of special historical and racing significance and a Bavarian beer garden, complete with dancers, music and of course, German beer. To reserve your ticket e-mail cost is only $50. Is Edward Walker their unseen riding partner? A great big Thank You to Marc Marcom for introducing Simon and Monika to us!

World travels not fitting into your plans? Head towards the Gulf and stop over at East Beach on Galveston Island to view the Sandcastle Competition. Held as a fund-raiser, the American Institute of Architects trophy the most elaborate and inventive sand castles you’ve ever seen. This 17th annual event is expected to draw upwards of 20,000 people for the 16 award category event.

If you plan to travel across the state or coast to coast, you can avoid many health-related problems while traveling by being prepared. The American College of Emergency Physicians suggests taking a first aid class and learning CPR. Ask your doctor for a list of your medial problems, allergies and operations you’ve had. Write this down and slip it into your tank bag along with your emergency card. They also advise carrying an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses and bringing a prescription with you. It might also be helpful to have a list of all medications you are taking and pack a few more than you’ll think you’ll need. If you are going over the border, double check what immunizations are required or recommended for your destination. Once you’ve arrived, steer clear of tap and fresh water, including ice cubes; food from street vendors; shellfish; uncooked vegetables and raw seafood or meat.

Along with the flat fixer and assorted tools, you might also consider a miniature first aid kit including: antiseptic wipes, Imodium, Pepto-Bismol, antacids, cold meds, aspirin, sunscreen, lip balm, Dramamine, bandages, vinyl gloves, antibiotic ointment and a multi-purpose pocket knife.

It is rumored that beginning September 1st, state troopers will require you have a sticker affixed to your helmet identifying you, and your medical information. I have not been able to verify this information and as soon as I learn the specifics, we’ll have the stickers available to you at the Goose on Tuesdays.